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15 Passenger Van
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Rent a Mercedes Sprinter 170" Wheelbase

Ford Wagon

Are you poised to do great things in the vehicle you're working in today? Is it designed specifically for commercial use to help you do more? Does it carry a name known for great quality and reliability? With the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter the answer is always "yes." Come into Adventure Vehicle Rental today and rent a Mercedes Sprinter!

  • 12 Passenger
  • EPA / CARB 2010 compliant
  • 6-cylinder, V 72°
  • 4 valves per cylinder
  • Displacement: 2,987 cc
  • Horsepower: 188 hp at 3,800 rpm
  • Torque: Rated torque 325 lb-ft at 1,400-2,400 rpm
  • Electronically controlled direct injection with common rail
  • Turbocharger and intercooler function
  • Fuel Type: Ultra-low-sulfur diesel
  • Transmission: 5-speed automatic transmission
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • 170" Wheel Base
  • Battery: Battery 12 V/100 Ah, alternator 220 A
  • Rack-and-pinion steering for excellent responsiveness, control and maneuverability
  • Independent front suspension with reinforced leaf springs
  • Standard 16" wheels provide improved safety and handling
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Backup Camera



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15 Passenger Van Rental is proud provide travelers, groups and businesses with a wide variety of van rentals including specialized luxury vans, full sized vans, minivans, large SUVs and ultra spacious twelve and fifteen seat vans. The Ford E-Series line of 15 passenger van rentals and 12 passenger van rentals and the Toyota Sienna 7 Passenger Van and the Ford Custom Chateau Wagon are currently some of 15 Passenger Van Rental's most popular options, providing New England customers with tons of extra seating and loads of space Quotesaving storage. Perfect for practically any road trip, these 15 passenger van rentals are an ultra affordable transportation option, providing travelers with a safe and efficient mode of travel. Designed with four rows of extra seating, these 15 passenger van rentals are certified people haulers, so don't be afraid to invite friends along for the ride! These exciting 15 passenger van rentals are perfect for all types of traveling organizations including sports teams, Boy Scout troops and family get togethers, so don't waste another minute trying to pile into the cramped SUV! Reserve your very own Ford E-Series 15 passenger van rental today!

Choose below the Van you need for your next trip!

Rent a 2015 15 Passenger Ford Transit Extended High Roof Wagon

Rent a 2015 12 Passenger Ford Transit
Mid-Roof Wagon

Rent a 2015 15 Passenger Ford Transit
Mid-Roof Wagon

Rent a Mercedes Sprinter 170" Wheelbase

Rent a Ford 8 Passenger Transit Wagon

Rent a Mercedes Sprinter 144" Wheelbase

Rent a 2014 Ford Transit 12 Passenger Van Low Roof

Rent a 2014 Ford 15 Passenger Van

Rent a 8 Passenger Minivan

Rent a Ford Expedition EL XLT


Heading out on a big group vacation is guaranteed to bring you and your friends closer together, so why ruin the bonding atmosphere by separate everyone into three different vehicles? If you're currently considering visiting Boston or New England with an extended group of people, 15 Passenger Van Rental strongly suggests taking a look at their lineup of exciting 15 passenger van rentals, all of which are backed by one of the world's most trusted automotive providers. These 15 passenger van rentals are designed with outstanding comfort and unparalleled performance - the perfect combination for on-the-go travelers and road-tripping friends! The ideal option for any oversized travel program, the 15 passenger van rentals at 15 Passenger Van Rental are dependable and affordable, so come on in and see for yourself why more group organizations trust the van rentals at 15 Passenger Van Rental! Whether you're planning a family get-together or a community outing, the 15 passenger van rentals at 15 Passenger Van Rental are sure to make your upcoming road-trip even more manageable!

Who Would Benefit from a Passenger Van Rental

Rent a 2015 15 Passenger Ford Transit Extended High Roof Wagon

Rent a 2015 12 Passenger Ford Transit
Mid-Roof Wagon

Rent a 2015 15 Passenger Ford Transit
Mid-Roof Wagon

Rent a Mercedes Sprinter 170" Wheelbase

Rent a Ford 8 Passenger Transit Wagon

Rent a Mercedes Sprinter 144" Wheelbase

Rent a 2014 Ford 12 Passenger Van

Rent a 2014 Ford 15 Passenger Van

Rent a 8 Passenger Minivan

Rent a Ford Expedition EL XLT

Not sure if you qualify for a 15 passenger van rental? Well, if you're thinking about planning any one of the following New England functions, the chances are pretty good you might be!

A Family Reunion: Planning an extended family gathering is always a barrel of fun - except when you're trying to plan family outings and sight-seeing tours! Navigating heavy Boston traffic with a group of two or more vehicles is a recipe for disaster, so remember to stay safe during your upcoming reunion with the help of a 15 passenger van rental from 15 Passenger Van Rental. With the ability to fit 15 adult passengers comfortably, these 15 passenger van rentals will help you and your family make the most of their time together, whether it be commuting across the The Zakim Bridge, or stopping off at the Prudential!

Political Organizations: New England hosts a myriad of political events during the year, from the New Hampshire Primaries to political conventions and rallies. Build support for your cause, plan for your event and communicate with your members while driving. All the while saving money on gas! Now that's an idea we can all agree on!

Cape Cod Tours: Get your group tigether and head for the Cape! Shop for knicks knacks and antiques along quaint Route 6A; catch a breathtaking glimpse of the Cape Cod National Seashore; enjoy a seafarer's lunch (or even a great burger) on the beach at the Chatham Bars Inn or iced tea on its porch. Let's not forget to shop in Chatham! We can follow that up later with a quick tour of the "compound" in Hyannisport, a stop in at the Cape's most famous Art gallery (the artist himself is always there!) and then wrap it up with a glorious sunset view from the Hyannis Country Club.

School Field Trips: Boston has so many great educational excursions for students. Load up the youngsters and take them to the Museum of Science, The Museum of Fine Arts, or Old Sturbridge Village. When you take your students to these exciting places they enjoy a day of learning and a lifetime of memories.

Touring the Food of New England: Explore the culinary treats of New England. The six states of New England each have unique culinary experiences. Think of blueberries, cranberries, lobster, clams, oysters, swordfish, bluefish, and cod. Then have a beer from the many microbreweries, topped off with a homemade ice cream cone! With a passenger van, you only have to worry about having one driver who doesn't get too full to drive!

Sporting Events:
Traveling across New England to compete in an extra curricular sporting event can often be pricey, especially when your team is forced to travel in separate vehicles! Traveling together in one 15 passenger van rental is a great way to help save your players money, while at the same time boosting team moral and sportsmanlike conduct.

Ski Trips: New England has amazing ski slopes. Whether you want to get a group of friends together or business partners or a group from your school, the best way to go is in a passenger van. 15 Passenger Van Rental vans can fit all the ski equiptment you need to bring for a day on the slopes.

Community Programs: Being a part of a community often involves volunteering your time to a variety of causes, including outreach programs and local fundraisers. 15 Passenger Van Rental understands how important these community programs can be; that's why they're always happy to provide organizations with access to their full line of 15 passenger van rentals, as well as their cargo vans and mini-vans. Whether you're transporting people, goods or services, the van rentals at 15 Passenger Van Rental are guaranteed to help make your job easier, so be sure to come in and learn more today!

Fall Foliage Tours: New England is one of the best places on Earth to see vibrant and beautiful fall foliage. Grab a camera, load up the hot cider and go "leaf-peeping" with your family and friends. A 12 or 15 passenger can can fit everyone and their luggage comfortably and has large windows that are excellent for seeing all the exciting colors Mother Nature had to offer!

Lighthouse Tours: There are breathtaking historic lighthouses up and down the coast of New England. Lighthouses were once the saviors of the seacoast. Their bright beacons and resonating foghorns cut through foul weather, warning ships of impending danger and guiding them safely back to shore. In this age of radar and GPS, lighthouses no longer have the life and death significance they once did, yet these distinctive structures still carry the romance and drama of their pasts. More than 60 lighthouses dot the Maine coast from the well known Nubble Light in York to West Quoddy Head, the easternmost lighthouse in the United States. A 15 passenger van is the ideal way to take a large group on this unforgettable tour.

Scouting: Some of the best childhood memories are formed out in the wilderness during Boy Scout trips and Brownie adventures, so why not make your upcoming adventure even better with a 15 passenger van rental! Traveling in a 15 passenger van rental will help strengthen friendships within the group, as well as ensuring the safety of all participants. 15 passenger van rentals are also equipped with plenty of extra storage space helping ensure that everyone's gear is easily accessible.

Historic Tours: New England was the birthplace of a new nation. Drive a rented passenger van to where battles were fought for independence, for democracy and for freedom of speech. Experience day-to-day life in the colonies that became the United States of America.

Conventions: 15 passenger van rentals are the perfect transportation solution for many corporate presentation and industry convention, providing participants with quick, convenient venue transportation. Whether you're renting one for your company presenters, or as a complimentary form of transportation for your clients, a 15 passenger van rental will make a great impression at almost any event!

Beach Trips: New England has some of the best beaches in the United States. From Maine to Rhode Island there a so many New England beaches to explore! A passenger van is the perfect way to get you and your family to the beach this summer. You can load in the kids and their friends and all the stuff you want to bring for a fun day at the beach.

New England on the Silver Screen: Much of New England looks familiar, thanks to movies and television. From ‘Jaws’ and ‘The Perfect Storm’ to ‘Ally McBeal’ and ‘Cheers’, New England provides the backdrop to every emotion, from tears and laughter to the occasional scream! A tour of New England's famous locations is fun for any group.

If you're interested in reserving a 15 passenger van rental from 15 Passenger Van Rental please feel free to contact them toll free at 1-866-625-6007, or visit their online Rental Center. Most 15 passenger van rentals at 15 Passenger Van Rental are similar to the Ford E Series extended van - America's number one multi-passenger vehicle!

GROUP Travel and Passenger Van Rental

The perfect way to transport your church congregation

If you’ve ever tried to plan a church group retreat using midsize cars, you’ll know how difficult and expensive the process can be. Midsize cars can only handle a maximum of five passengers in most cases, making for dozens of trips and tons of gas. Luckily, New England church groups can now rejoice thanks to 15 Passenger Van Rental impressive fleet of Luxury Vans and 12 and 15 passenger van rentals. These cleverly crafted vehicles can handle three times as many passengers as a midsize car, helping you get your group where they need to be faster and more efficiently.

Planning a church bazaar? Then why not reserve one of 15 Passenger Van Rental's nifty cargo vans to help transport your wears from one venue to the next. Easy transportation solutions are waiting for you at 15 Passenger Van Rental so go ahead, take advantage of one today. Make your next day trip worry free!

Road Trip!

Round up your college roomies, ‘cause it’s time to go on a road trip! Whether you’re headed to Atlantic City for an afternoon of gaming or to San Francisco for a fun girls-night out, you’re going to need plenty of seats to accommodate all of your friends. At 15 Passenger Van Rental, you can select exactly what size vehicle would best fit your needs. Airport’s minivan rentals and eight passenger van rentals are great for smaller groups, while the 12 and 15 passenger extended vans are great for extended groups. And with 15 Passenger Van Rental low rates, you can rest assured that you’ll still have plenty of money left over for drinks when you get to your final destination.

15 Passenger Van Rental has always been at the head of the class!

From athletes to mathletes, schools all over New England are making the switch from bus rentals to van rentals when it comes to transporting small groups of students to school events. An entire basketball team can fit comfortably inside just one of 15 Passenger Van Rental's spacious 15 passenger van rentals, so why spend more on a school bus when it’s not necessary? Whether you’re headed across town or across the state, 15 Passenger Van Rental can provide your school group with a vehicle that suits all of your travel needs.

Don’t forget your mother in law!

Big family gatherings require plenty of planning, not to mention dozens of rental cars if relatives are flying in from out of town. So why not save your loved ones this added expense and reserve a passenger van rental from 15 Passenger Van Rental? One van can accommodate all of your visiting family members, and for a fraction of a cost. Plus, 15 Passenger Van Rental is conveniently located right next to the airport, ensuring that you’re rental will be ready before the first wave of relatives flies in.

Van rentals are a great way to help save time, energy and money when planning large group activities. If you’re in need of a supreme people moving machine, there’s no better place to turn than 15 Passenger Van Rental. Call, click or come in and learn all about our current fleet of cargo, extended and conversion van rentals today.

If you would like to learn more about Adventure Vehicle Rental's current line of E-Series 15 passenger van rentals, please feel free to call the agency toll free at 1-866-625-6007. Not sure if an extended 15 passenger van rental is right for you? Don't worry!

Adventure Vehicle Rental is proud to provide New England travelers with a wide variety of rental vehicles including everything from minivan rentals, Full Size Van Rental and sport utility vehicles (SUV Rentals), to first class sports cars and luxury sedans. Adventure Vehicle Rental can also arrange to pick you up at practically any New England location, so don't be afraid to ask for more details!

Providence (RI) and Manchester, NH, and we offer door-to-door delivery and pickup of our Full Size Van rental vehicles in both the New England area.

Serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Logan Airport BOS, Manchester Airport MHT, TF Green Airport (PVD) and beyond.

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